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The Dream. Welcome to VintageSpartanAircraft.com. Beginning in 1926 and running through 1946, The Spartan Aircraft Company produced an interesting assortment of aircraft. These ranged in scope from the most basic two-place civilian flyers, to trainers for the military during World War II, to the ultra luxurious Spartan 7W that was designed as. The Spartan Aircraft Company was an American aircraft manufacturing company, headquartered on Sheridan Avenue near the Tulsa Municipal Airport in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Previously known as Mid-Continent Aircraft Company, the company had been reorganized under the Spartan name in 1928 by oil baron William G. Skelly — and operated until 1961, manufacturing aircraft, aircraft components, and. The aircraft's propulsion system allows the C-27J Spartan to access a wide range of airfields, including short, unprepared strips in hot-and-high altitude conditions while transporting heavy loads. The Spartan can perform 3g tactical airlift operations under severe conditions The Spartan 7W Executive is a cabin monoplane aircraft that was produced by the Spartan Aircraft Company during the late 1930s and early 1940s. The 7W features an all-metal fuselage, as well as a retractable undercarriage.The 7W Executive was popular with affluent buyers worldwide

Spartan alumni are as diverse as the aerospace industry itself. Some are distinguished military veterans, while others are space shuttle technicians, airline pilots, aircraft mechanics, quality control or nondestructive testing technicians. We are proud of our alumni who have impacted the aviation industry Spartan College's aviation flight training program is located on a tower-controlled airport with dual runways in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We maintain a fleet of just over 40 aircraft, including Cessna 172's, and Piper Archers. Piper Seminoles are used for multi-engine pilot training and two flight simulators plus a full-motion advanced aviation. Spartan 7W Executive N17616 s/n-15. Number 15 of 35 built this aircraft has many of its original details that most other Spartans do not. This aircraft was featured in numerous factory photos, was operated by Howard Hughes in 1943 and following went into service for the CAA until 1948 7W-28, NC17662 - Built 3/7/1940. Kept by Spartan as company transport until 1968. Restored by Ron Tarrson in 2004-2005. Purchased in early 2016 by Steve Marini (former owner of NC20200). Flown from Airventure 2018 to new owner, Mid America Flight Museum, in Texas. 7W-30, NC17664 (N97DC) - Built 4/24/1940. First sold to aircraft dealer At Spartan, Joel was the president of Spartan's AMT Society and competed in the annual Aerospace Maintenance Competition. In 2016, Joel received the James Rardon Aviation Maintenance Technician Student of the Year Award. This award recognizes the outstanding achievement of an Aviation Maintenance Technician student


As one of this site's main resources, the spartantrailer.com site has the largest database of, for sale, and sold Spartan Aircraft trailers. This site, spartantrailer.com is one of the best sources for researching and purchasing a vintage Spartan trailer. Newly added, unique Spartan Trailer merchandise can be purchased from this site The Spartan is supercharged, so the airplane has a service ceiling of 24,000 feet. Optimum altitude and speed is 9600 feet. To go fast, you need to go high and you need to burn a lot of gas. For an airplane that is older than me (and I'm a senior citizen) my approach is a bit more conservative The Spartan Aircraft Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma has its roots in oil. Two years before Oklahoma gained statehood in 1905, an oil gusher named the No.1 Ida Glenn sprung up southeast of Tulsa. This gusher turned out to be a giant oil reserve big enough to establish future companies such as Getty, Gulf, Standard Oil, (now Exxon), Sinclair and Skelly 1930 - Spartan C2-60. Quite the airplane for the flying sportsman was this 60 horsepower, two place, open cockpit, low-wing monoplane. It was one of the nation's early light planes. 1930 - Spartan C2-165. Using the Wright Whirlwind Five 165 h.p. engine, the C2-165 saw considerable service in civilian flying schools as a blind flying.

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Spartan reinvested its profits in its research and development department allowing them to come up with many technical improvements. One of the most lucrative models to come out of the plant was the Spartan Executive, an aviation legend and one of the most highly regarded planes of its era The first Spartan airplane was built in 1926 and like most airplanes of that era, it was a fabric covered biplane. From that starting point through 1934, a variety of designs were constructed, ranging from two seat, low powered training or sport aircraft, to biplanes to high wing monoplanes capable of seating five.. Spartan College's Aviation Maintenance Technology courses may teach students the technical skills required to become an entry-level Airframe and Powerplant technician. Successful completion qualifies the graduates to take the written, oral and practical tests with the Federal Aviation Administration for the Mechanic's Certificate with both. The C3 was used primarily by flight schools for flying training, including the Spartan School of Aeronautics. Other firms utilised the aircraft's ability to carry two passengers for barnstorming flights, the type was popular for shuttling crews around the oil fields, while some were used as air taxis.. A C3-2 fitted with a large fuel tank in the front cockpit demonstrated its reliability by.

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  1. The Spartan Aircraft Company was founded in 1928 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The history of Spartan has its roots in oil. Two years before Oklahoma gained statehood in 1905, an oil gusher named the No.1 Ida Glenn sprung up southeast of Tulsa. This gusher turned out to be a giant oil reserve big enough to establish future companies such as Getty, Gulf.
  2. Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology (Spartan) is a private for-profit aviation college in Tulsa, Oklahoma.It was originally established to provide pilot and technicians for Spartan Aircraft Company but outlived its parent company and continues to train pilots and mechanics into the 21st Century. The main campus is adjacent to Tulsa International Airport, with another campus used for.
  3. TULSA, Okla., August 04, 2021--In response to industry demand for certified pilots, Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology and SkyWest Airlines are announcing a partnership
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  5. The Spartan 7W Executive was the brainchild of company founder William G. Skelly of Skelly Oil Company, who wanted a fast, comfortable aircraft to suit his needs and tastes. During the Depression, he sold the company to oilman J. Paul Getty and most of the original Spartan Executive owners were oil companies
  6. At the inception, Spartan will offer two courses of 480 hours each. To the elaborate and modern equipment already available, Spartan has recently added a $40,000 Spartan Zeus military fighter. This airplane is an all-metal, low-wing monoplane powered with a 650 H.P. Hornet engine

Spartan offers programs in the areas of Aviation Flight, Aviation Maintenance Technology (Airframe & Powerplant), Aviation Electronics Technology, Nondestructive Testing Technology, and Quality Control Management, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology Management. (Programs vary by location) C27J Spartan at Airpower 2016 in Zeltweg. Alenia Aeronautica C27J Spartan is a Military Transport Aircraft that can do Aerobatic Manouvers when piloted by sk.. The C-27J Spartan complements the Australian Defence Force's existing air mobility fleet. Its capabilities bridge the gap between Army helicopters, such as the CH-47F Chinook, and larger Air Force aircraft, such as the C-130J Hercules and C-17A Globemaster III. The Spartan will provide airlift of people, equipment and supplies in Australia and. Copyright © 2012 Malcolm AuldThis video and audio material may not be used in any form, without written permission.The Spartan 7W Executive was the most popu.. Airplane mode. Activate airplane mode when needed to turn off wireless transmissions. You can activate or deactivate airplane mode from the settings under Connectivity. To pair anything with your device, you need to first turn off airplane mode if you have it on

The Spartan Dual Face System (DFS) One micro-light that can be flown with either a glider or a parachute. The trike has a dual function; if you decide to utilize the parachute, then fly slowly and enjoy the skies... If you yearn for performance choose the powered glider and the sky is the limit. Or even have the best of both worlds Spartan was founded by oil tycoon William Skelly (Skelly Oil) and began as an aeronautical school and aircraft manufacturer. The Executive was a popular aircraft for the wealthy flyer, almost as an airborne limousine for the oil executive, very much akin to the popularity of the Lear Jet in the 1970s for movie stars The Spartan Airplane Company secured numerous war contracts during WWII and built numerous airplanes for the war effort. Soon after the war, however, the company found stiff competition from other manufacturers, many that were established as part of the war effort. With competition at every turn, the company decided to move in a new direction Landing mph 65. Initial climb rate 1,430. Range 900. Ceiling 24,000. This speedy low-wing cabin airplane received its performance from 450 hp supplied by a Pratt & Whitney nine-cylinder Wasp Junior radial engine. The Spartan 7-W Executive was produced during 1937 to 1940, and an attempted revival, called the Model 13 Executive, appeared in 1946 Commander Deployable Joint Force Headquarters, Major General Jake Ellwood, said the Spartan Brigade executed a tactical manoeuvre from two Royal Australian Air Force C-17A Globemaster III aircraft (A41-206/212) that departed RAAF Base Darwin before dawn

About Spartan. Spartan delivers quality products through a modern plant, precision equipment, and a dedicated staff. Commercial aircraft engine, military aircraft engine, and other customers rely on Spartan for complex sheet metal fabrications, machined products, and welded assemblies The Sparta Aviation Flight Training teams welcomes you. We are a team of professional flight instructors that include Mark Schmitt, who has 40 years of flight experience as an airline captain, flight instructor, airplane mechanic and owner of Sparta Aviation Flight Training. We also have Jake Mediema, Gabe Quinn, and Andy Koopman on the crew.

You need to enable user registration from User Manager/Options in the backend of Joomla before this module will activate The Spartan name wasn't sold to the Spartan School of Aeronautics (as it was called during the time Spartan built trailers); Spartan's aircraft businesses pre-date Spartan trailer manufacturing. Spartan started out building airplanes and built many during WW2. After the war, demand for airplanes plumeted, so Spartan started building.

The aircraft is meant for those who wish to make a capable aircraft without having to make measurements or apply tape. The Spartan itself was developed from the Trojan paper airplane (which was developed by TriKdanG from my HyperSparrow prototype). With substantial modifications, the Spartan emerged from its predecessor with smaller wings and a. Spartan's special mission aircraft can be transferred in a wide range of contracts and engagements, both with pilots and crew and without. We work closely with our partners to provide the right capabilities rapidly to exceed mission expectations for performance and reliability. Aviatio Once Spartan had the supply lines for the C-3 working they brought out the Spartan C-2 in 1930. It was intended as a small sport aircraft for pilots to own. It was a low-wing monoplane with a two-place, side-by-side open cockpit and a small 55 hp Jacobs radial engine for power. Spartan built about 50 of them and two survive in museums Spartan offers programs in the areas of Aviation Flight, Aviation Maintenance Technology (Airframe & Powerplant), Aviation Electronics Technology, Nondestructive Testing Technology, and Quality. Alenia C-27J Spartan. Current Price $ 26.15 million - $ 33.35 million U.S. photo: Editorial Team. PREVIOUS. Alenia Aermacchi M-311. NEXT. Alenia Aermacchi SF-260

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Spartan Executive at Sun 'n Fun 2006. Spartan Executive at Sun 'n Fun 2006. The Spartan 7W Executive was an aircraft produced by the Spartan Aircraft Company during the late 1930s and early 1940s. The 7W features an all-metal fuselage as well as a retractable undercarriage. The 7W Executive was popular with affluent buyers worldwide The No. 35 Squadron, based at RAAF Base Amberly, operates a fleet of 10 C-27J Spartan aircraft, the first of those arrived in Australia in 2015 Spartan Executive-0.jpg. 17.9 KB Views: 23. Through a series of acquisitions, J. Paul Getty took ownership of the Spartan Aircraft Company in 1935. Getty, who inherited his father's oil business and parlayed it into a sizable fortune, became the richest man in the world. The management of Spartan knew first-hand that rich oil executives.

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Aircraft History Built by Spartan Aircraft Company in Tulsa, OK as Spartan C3. Constructors Number unknown. Disassembled and shipped overseas and registered as VH-??? (last three letters unknown) in Australia. In early 1942, this aircraft was abandoned at Aiyura Airfield in the Highlands of New Guinea Spartan Executive ( 29.75 in. / 75.6 cm ) PDF Bitmap Wood Plans from American Companies. The Spartan 7W Executive was an aircraft produced by the Spartan Aircraft Company during the late 1930s and early 1940s

Introduced in 1935, the sleek, low-wing cabin monoplane was designed as a corporate aircraft, presaging the business aircraft of later decades. During World War II Spartan produced the NP-1, the U.S. Navy trainer on which a future president, George Herbert Walker Bush, would earn his wings. During the late 1930s controlling interest in Skelly. Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology expands its aircraft fleet with 32 new Piper Aircrafts to meet the future demand for certified pilots in the U.S. (Photo: Business Wire Mar 7, 2021 - Explore SMSgt Mac's board Spartan Executive on Pinterest. See more ideas about spartan, aircraft, aviation

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A dozen new C-27J Spartans have been sent to a storage facility at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Ariz., known as the boneyard and five that are still under construction will likely. Military 'Has No Use' For For The Spartans. New C-27J Spartan cargo planes ordered by the U.S. Air Force are being delivered directly to a storage boneyard in the Arizona desert

Because the Spartan engineers envisioned the NP-1 as a training aircraft, the airplane's design needed to incorporate features compatible with rookie pilots and military service. The landing gear was strengthened, easily replaceable metal tips were added to the ends of the lower wings (due to the inevitable ground loops), and removable. Spartan is a long range paper airplane that flies up to 80 feet. Better yet, it's pretty easy to fold!Get your own PowerUp Motor Today! And use promo code FF.. The RAAF's 10th and final C-27J Spartan aircraft landing on a grass airstrip at RAAF Base Richmond. The service has redefined the role of its 10 C-27Js, designating them as primarily meant for use. This empowers employees to truly believe they can make a difference. There is definitely a team atmosphere here. Spartan College is on the rise and will soon be an industry leader in Aviation Education. Cons. After the name change a couple of years ago, few people know about this amazing school

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Spartan Executive The Spartan 7W Executive was an aircraft produced by the Spartan Aircraft Company during the late 1930s and early 1940s. The 7W featured an all-metal fuselage as well as a retractable undercarriage. The 7W Executive was popular with affluent buyers worldwide Spartan aficionados, feast your eyes on this new consignment arrival from AZ Vintage Trailers in Scottsdale, AZ! This 1946 Manor was one of the very first Manor's ever to roll off the production line at the Spartan Aircraft Company in Tulsa, OK. This is by far one of the most rare and celebrated Spartan's on the planet The C-27J Spartan at Bundaberg Airport. Video: Morgan Everett. C-27J Spartan part of 10-plane fleet. According to the RAAF, the first Spartan arrived in Australia in 2015.. The fleet of 10 Spartans, operated by No. 35 Squadron, are based in RAAF Base Amberley.. Each aircraft can take 34 passengers, 21 stretcher patients and 5000 kg of cargo

The Alenia C-27J Spartan is the new extensively updated and improved version of the G 222 tactical transport aircraft. The Spartan is equipped with two new and powerful Rolls-Royce AE2100-D2 turboprop engines capable of bringing the aircraft up to speed. of over 600 km / h. It can carry up to 68 soldiers or 46 fully equipped paratroopers, or. BBB accredited since 1/1/1968. Business School in Tulsa, OK. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, request a quote & more Spartan 1927: Mid-Continent Aircraft Co, Tulsa OK. 1928: Reorganized as Spartan Aircraft Co. 1928: Spartan School of Aeronautics established. 1945: Production switched from airplanes to house trailers. 1968: Spartan interests sold to Automation Industries Inc. 1972: Company purchased by National Systems Corp. 1994: Spartan School still active This aircraft was operated by the 186th Air Refueling Wing which is based at Key Field AGS, Meridian, MS. which serves as the ANG C-27J Flying Training Unit. As well as providing training capability the unit's aircraft have also served in Afghanistan and provided airlift service during humanitarian operations

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I wrote about the Tulsa Air and Space Museum (and Planetarium) last time, and only one of the four photos in the blog article came from my July 2017 visit. So here is another post, with some pictures from TASM, concentrating on the products of the Spartan Aircraft Company. It seems that Tulsa had its answer to Wichita's Jake Moellendick, in the shape of William Grove Skelly (1878 - 1957) MC-27J is a new multimission transport aircraft jointly produced and marketed by Alenia Aermacchi and ATK. It is a roll on/roll off (RO/RO) aircraft based on the C-27J Spartan. The MC-27J is an affordable alternative to the current special-mission aircraft. MC-27J is a multirole variant of the C-27J. © 1936-2021 Academy of Model Aeronautics. All rights reserved. 5161 E. Memorial Dr. Muncie IN 47302 Tel.: (765) 287-1256 / (800) 435-9262 Fax.: (765) 289-424 Spartan will be closed 3 to 19 August for our annual summer break. Online orders received during this time will ship on 20 August. 12 Feb 2019 Great deals on OEM, reconditioned and B-grade products on our eBay listings. 9 June 2018 Spartan will be closed 10 to 24 August for our annual summer break


Aviation was pretty spartan back in the 40s by today's standards. The aircraft wasn't pressurized, heat was nearly non-existent and the quarters were cramped. There were operational hazards at every turn. If every bit of exposed skin wasn't covered, you could get frost bite in seconds Steel body armor plates like Spartan™ Omega™ AR500 Body Armor will trigger security alarms and alert airport security personnel. Can you wear body armor in the airport or on a plane? The simple answer is no, you cannot wear body armor into an airport or on a plane, unless you want to set off some serious red flags Rare 400 Sq. Ft. 1957 8′ x 50′ Spartan Executive Mansion Trailer. on May 5, 2014. This restored 1957 Spartan 'Executive Mansion' travel trailer is up for auction on eBay right now. (SOLD: Post taken down) It's 8′ wide by 50′ long so it's approximately 400 square feet of space inside with no sleeping lofts. Finding this trailer.

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View Virtual Tour of Cockpit. Existing logbooks only go back to the third owner of our 1930 Spartan C3, NC718N, C.L. Sloan of Memphis, Texas, but we know from FAA records that the first owner of the airplane was the Haliburton Oil Well Cementing Co. of Duncan, Oklahoma, which purchased it July 26, 1930 Maintenance GSE Tech - T-6 Aircraft - Balad, Iraq: Balad, Iraq Apply: Maintenance Instructor - T-6 Aircraft - Balad, Iraq: Balad, Iraq Apply: Pilot Instructor - T-6 Aircraft - Balad Iraq : Balad, Iraq : Apply: T-6 Avionics Technician - Balad, Iraq: Balad, Iraq : Apply: Upgrade Training Manager - Balad, Iraq Balad, Iraq Appl Spartan Aircraft of Cowes, Isle of Wight, aircraft manufacturers.. c1927 Oliver Simmonds designed the Spartan aircraft, with 4 interchangeable wings and also 3 interchangeable tail surfaces, in order to address the problem of spares in export markets. The aircraft was initially built at his house in Woolston. 1928 The Simmonds Aircraft Company Limited was formed in order to produce the.

Buy a Spartan Cable, Aircraft (Camera End) today for quick shipping! $3.42. SKU: 61038600. Add to Cart. Spartan Tool 3/8 x 200' Aircraft Cable - 82000430. Needing to swap out the Spartan Tool 3/8 x 200' Aircraft Cable you currently use with a new one? Pick up a new one today from Spartan Tool! $412.34. Halfax Spartan. Free flight gas model. This is a modern redrawn plan in PDFvector format. Quote: The Halfax Spartan... Bradford Model Aircraft Club Trophy Winner 1945. 5ft wingspan power model. Suitable for petrol engines 3.5 to 6cc. Diesel engines 2.5 to 5cc. Price 38s 6d (ex airwheels) postage 1s. Direct submission to Outerzone

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VERO BEACH, FL, June 15, 2020 - Piper Aircraft and Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology (Spartan) announced today an order for its first tranche of 22 factory-new training aircraft. To date, Spartan has taken delivery of 10 Piper Archers and 2 Piper Seminoles, with 10 additional Piper Archers expected to be delivered in Q4 2020 Spartan operated a diverse fleet of aircraft and helicopters that included Ansons, Venturas, a Lancaster, a Sea Hornet, P-38 Lightnings, Mosquitos, Cansos, DC-3s, Bell 47s and Vertol H-21s plus a variety of smaller fixed-wing aircraft Spartan Aviation Industries, Inc. | 7 followers on LinkedIn. Spartan Aviation Industries, Inc. is an aviation & aerospace company based out of 8820 E Pine St, Tulsa, OK, United States The Spartan 7W Executive is a five-place all metal monoplane that features retractable landing gear and a luxurious interior. The Executive was designed to be fast and comfortable with extensive insulation to lower cabin noise levels. Executives were used for business and personal transportation, and set a new standard for speed and style Aircraft Mechanic. Broomfield, CO Easy Apply 30d+. Spartan School of Aeronautics. Save Job. Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis. Chicago, IL 30d+. $100K-$115K Per Year (Employer est.) Show Salary Details. Spartan School of Aeronautics This Aircraft was built in East Cowes (Isle of Wight,England)in June 1932 by the Spartan Aircraft company. She is now 84 years old and looks like new! This rare Aircraft is so very special as it has the original Cirrus Hermes IV engine, and is indeed the last of her type in existance. Please call or eMail for more information..